A cluttered junk drawer
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Keep Your Junk Drawer Organized With This Spice Rack Hack
Junk drawers storing miscellaneous items, like batteries, safety pins, rubber bands, paperclips, and keychains, can quickly get cluttered and make it hard to locate specific items.
However, a spice rack, labels, and a marker can effectively help eliminate all the tiny random items in your drawer. You can also use empty spice containers if you have them handy.
Start by emptying your junk drawer and creating piles of similar items. Place each pile into one container, label the containers with your marker, and put
them back in their slots.
On Amazon, an Aruva Kitchen spice rack with 20 containers and labels is $19.99, while a Lazy Susan two-tier spice rack without labels costs $15.99. Walmart sells labels for $2.19.