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Keep Your Kitchen Clutter-Free With This Genius Ikea Storage Hack
When hung on the wall, under cabinets, or from shelves or carts, reusable grocery bags from Ikea can efficiently hold produce or other items and essentially declutter your kitchen.
For this organization hack to work, all you need are some bags in designs and colors that you like or that fit with your decor and some hooks, which you can purchase at Ikea.
Mesh bags, like Ikea’s Kungsfors bags, are great for holding things that you want to be semi-visible, like produce, or items you need at the ready, such as masks or pet supplies.
For things you'd like to store out of sight, canvas, linen, or burlap bags, like Ikea’s closable Nereby bags, are great options that still allow you to quickly grab what you need.
You can use colored bags to add a fresh pop of color to your kitchen or go with shades like cream, white, brown, or beige for more neutral-driven rooms.