Uncluttered counters in modern kitchen
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Keep Your Kitchen Counter Clutter-Free With Erin Napier's Top Tips
Erin Napier, star of HGTV’s hit series “Home Town,” explained how to create the illusion of more counter space by investing in stylish-looking appliances that double up as decor.
“If you use [the appliance] constantly, find one that isn't an eyesore and leave it on the counter,” Napier told HGTV. This way, you won’t have to rearrange it all the time.
If you select appliances specifically to complement your aesthetic, when you leave them out, they’ll make your kitchen feel open and spacious instead of looking cluttered.
It may take some searching, especially if you’re working with a budget. “It's important to pace yourself and buy what you can afford WHEN you can afford it,” Napier said.
Start with regularly used appliances that always sit on the counter, like the coffee pot, toaster, or tea kettle. Instead of basic black or white, try soft blues or pastel greens.
With unsightly or unmatching items, "Leave it on the counter and don't worry about how it looks, and hide the things you use a little less in an appliance garage," Napier advises.