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Keep Your Kitchen Counters Tidy With This Genius Dollar Tree DIY
TikToker @hometalk has shared a DIY project for creating a multi-tiered organizer, perfect for storing jars, bottles, and other essentials that often clutter kitchen countertops.
This project requires eight small crafter wood trays and four small wood crates, readily available at Dollar Tree. You'll also need paints in your choice of color and wood glue.
Start by painting or staining the trays and crates — you can opt to use a single color for all pieces or alternate colors for added visual interest.
Next, arrange the trays on their sides to form a rectangular or square box with a hollow center. Apply the glue generously at the joints where the sides and back of the trays meet.
Add a second layer of boxes on top, then place the crates flat and upright on this base, securing them with wood glue. Once the glue dries, the organizer is ready to use.