woman smelling a basil plant
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Keep Your Kitchen Pest-Free With A Basil Plant
Basil is a tasty, fragrant herb containing natural oils that will discourage flies, aphids, some types of beetles, and even mosquitoes from calling your kitchen home.
As basil grows, the leaves expand and release natural oil with a fragrance that flies and other pests hate. So, growing the plant in the problem areas should keep the pests out.
Basil is easily grown indoors as long as you supply it with enough sunlight and base nutrients. Most importantly, choose indoor garden soil that has nutrients added to it.
If you’re unable to grow basil plants, buy fresh basil leaves from the grocery store and place them in the kitchen, replacing them each time they lose their fragrance.
You can also use basil extract, an oil-like product available in the seasoning aisle of many grocery stores, or fresh, dried basil of high quality.