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Keep Your Kitchen Plumbing Clear With One Handy Aluminum
Foil Hack
Pouring cooking grease down your drain can lead to clogged pipes. Even worse, the oil-coated pipes can further trap food particles, leading to a clogged sink.
However, you can easily dispose of cooking grease, preserve your pipes, and save yourself some time cleaning up using a makeshift aluminum foil bowl.
Start by lining a bowl with aluminum foil. Keep in mind that your aluminum foil needs to be free from tears and any overlapped pieces should be sealed closed.
You can also opt to skip this step and place your aluminum foil directly over your sink drain. Lightly push your foil into your sink stopper until it looks like a bowl.
You can use a cup to push it into place if you don't have a sink stopper — leave enough excess foil around the edges so your aluminum bowl doesn't go down the drain.
Make sure you have your aluminum foil ready before you start to cook so you can immediately pour the excess cooking oil into it and then throw it into the trash.