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Keep Your Paint Brushes In Tip-Top Shape With This WD-40 Trick
Paintbrush bristles tend to get crispy, as the paint becomes stiff and dehydrated on the bristles once it dries. Pre-treating the brushes with WD-40 before storing them can help.
First, thoroughly wash your brushes with warm, soapy water, removing all visible paint. Then, take a can of WD-40 Multi-Use and spray it over the bristles so it becomes lubricated.
When using WD-40 on your paint brushes after washing them, you're essentially pushing out any residual water or remaining paint from the bristles, allowing it to dry properly.
You can also add some WD-40 to the brush's ring nut (the metal band that connects the bristles to the brush handle) to keep it from becoming rusty.
Coating this area with WD-40 ensures any residual water gets pushed out, protecting the ring from corrosion and helping the paintbrush feel newer for longer.