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Keep Your Plants Happily Watered With This Clever Shoelace Hack
If you're having trouble knowing how to water your plants or just don't have the time, the shoelace hack will make it easy to care for your houseplants.
Knot one end of the shoelace and poke a pencil through the other end. Use the pencil end to push the lace to the bottom of your plant's pot and out the drainage hole.
Take the knotted end of the shoelace and place it into a bucket of water. As the soil dries out, your plant will drink water from the bucket through the shoelace.
Make sure the shoelace is cotton and long enough to extend from your plants to the bucket. Your plant should be placed higher than the bucket, either on a table or a shelf.
The hack creates a water-wicking system through capillary action, which, in other words, means your plant's roots are using the shoelace like a straw to sip from the bucket.
The shoelace also enables how much water gets put into the soil. The water won't go up the lace if the potting mix is saturated, so you can’t really over or under water your plant.