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Keep Your Plants Happy & Hydrated With IKEA's Plant Stand
If you're looking for a way to display your plants stylishly, get the IKEA Askholmen, a three-tiered shelf that helps you flaunt your plants and also makes watering them a breeze.
Since the Askholmen plant stand has three tiers, you can simply stagger your foliage so water from one trickles down to hydrate the next. Additionally, it comes cheap at just $40.
The stand is made from durable, acacia wood. The wood has acrylic lacquer layered onto it, which reduces the effect of moisture and prevents the wood from warping and fading.
The Askholmen boasts three stylish shelves constructed of wooden slats, so you can skip the saucer since you won't need it to catch water when using this particular stand.
However, it's best for outdoor use. If you're displaying plants on the stand indoors, consider placing an absorbent mat or a washable pet pad beneath the stand before watering.