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Keep Your Plants Hydrated With This Cotton Swab Trick
The cotton swab is a new way to keep your houseplants properly watered. It helps to keep the soil moist,
reducing overwatering
and promoting consistent hydration.
First, gather cotton swabs, a plastic bottle, a chopstick, and your chosen plant. Take the bottle and poke a hole in the cap, then insert one end of the cotton swab through it.
Grab the chopstick and tape it to the side of the bottle; ensure that the stick is about 6 inches taller than the bottle. Next, fill the bottle with some water and seal it.
Turn the bottle upside down, cap pointing down, and plant the chopstick into the soil. Have 1 to 2 inches of room for the cotton swab to drip water down into your potted plant.
The cotton swab acts as a bridge, drawing water down from the bottle and gradually and constantly releasing it into the plant's soil, basically a DIY drip system.