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Keep Your Shoe Closet Organized With This Shelf Riser Tip
The wire shelf risers from Dollar Tree are normally intended to be used in the kitchen, but with a little ingenuity, they can become an ideal way to organize a shoe closet.
While they aren’t as sturdy or as large as typical shoe racks, these wire shelf risers can be a useful addition to your home and help you organize your closet or mudroom.
The open design allows you to use zip ties to connect multiple risers to get the length you need. Just connect, zip, and snip off the excess zip tie with a pair of sturdy scissors.
The beauty of using wire shelf risers is that they allow you to put lower-profile shoes, like sandals or slippers, under them and taller shoes, such as boots or sneakers, on top.
Shelf risers are less helpful for spiky-heeled footwear, which may need to rest on a sturdy shelf liner, like Duck EasyLiners, so they don’t slip between the rack’s slats.