A woman holding a large clump of dryer lint in her hand
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Keep Your Small Laundry Room Floors Lint-Free With This Mailbox Hack
Rather than taking up floor space in a small laundry room with a standard trash can, a wall-mounted mailbox is just the right shape and size to be a trash receptacle for lint.
Wall-mounted mailboxes often don't come with equipment for hanging, so you may need to provide mounting hardware and screws, but installation tends to be fairly straightforward.
Since your lint holder will be lightweight, there's no need to find a stud to hang it from. Choose the most convenient place to screw it into the wall, or use Command Strips.
When considering height placement, it should be easy to reach, but you won't want to put it where someone bending over to do laundry could hit their head on it.
You can also decorate or paint the mailbox to suit the room and add custom nameplates or decals to label it with a word like "Lint" that clarifies its purpose.