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Keep Your Toilet Brush Stain-Free With This Clever Alternative
Instead of using a toilet brush, which has harsh plastic bristles packed so closely together that it is impossible to fully clean the area, a dish brush may be a better option.
The regular toilet brush also rests in an enclosed holder when not in use, which leads to staining and the build-up of unsightly dirt, mold,
and harmful bacteria.
Dish brushes boast a more generous spread of bristles. The ample space between the bristle clusters means there's nowhere for dirt to collect, resulting in little to no staining.
Additionally, a dish brush's angled head, such as that of a Scotchbrite dish brush, makes brushing the sloped bowl sides and getting deep into the bottom of the bowl much easier.
Just remember to rinse the brush in the flow of fresh water and pour bleach over it every three to six months, at minimum, to ensure it stays hygienic.