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Keep Your Toilet Seat From Shifting With A Quick & Easy Solution
Your toilet seat could be shifting for a few reasons, but more than likely it’s due to a loose screw or bolt. Instead of hiring a plumber, fix the problem yourself with these tips.
Your toilet seat is constantly being raised and lowered, leading to wear and tear on the bolts, plastic, and screws. This creates a hazard where someone could fall and get hurt.
Buy a toilet seat tightening kit from a store like The Home Depot. Once you have the kit, start securing the bolts that sit between the seat and the bowl and connect the pieces.
These bolts may be covered by plastic, so use a screwdriver to remove them and set them aside. Make sure the seat is centered before twisting the bolts until they stop spinning.
If the bolts spin without any resistance or refuse to move, they may need to be swapped out. Most kits come with new bolts that can be easily replaced with the tools at hand.
After replacing the bolts, check the nuts underneath the bowl and tighten them with a wrench if needed. Securing both the bolts and nuts will keep the seat from shifting sideways.