Disorganized tools in workspace
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Keep Your Tools Organized With Hanging Storage DIY
For a seasoned DIYer or occasional dabbler in handiwork, a chaotic workspace can discourage any creative project. Luckily, this tool storage idea should reignite your DIY flame.
Start by marking down your tools’ dimensions and determining the spacing between your T-blocks on a wooden plank. Then, assemble dual blocks into a T-formation.
Link the adjoining edges with an adhesive like Gorilla Wood Glue, then a nail gun. Mount the T-blocks onto your wooden plank and secure them from the top with a screwdriver drill.
Fuse a strong plank to the back of your tool-holding unit, and securely mount a ledger board on your wall. Then, unite the tool holder's backing and the ledger board with screws.
Finally, assign each item its royal perch. With every tool within reach, your workspace is no longer a mere garage or workshop but an oasis of order and productivity.