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Keep Your Tools Rust-Free With Uncooked Rice
To keep your tools rust-free, simply store them in uncooked rice, letting the grains soak up any moisture that may cause them to oxidize and form rust.
The ability of rice to absorb water molecules is known as hygroscopicity. Due to it not absorbing any moisture yet, uncooked rice has a high hygroscopic capacity.
Rice can even suck up moisture in the air. That's why storing your tools in rice is especially useful in tool sheds or garages where it is damp.
Either place loose rice inside your toolbox, or pour it into a pantyhose-like fabric before tying it into a knot to make a rice bundle and place it wherever
you store your tools.
If you don't have a toolbox, you can also fill a canister with rice and place the head of the tools inside, ensuring the metal is submerged in the grain.