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Keep Your Yard Wasp-Free With The Help Of This Fragrant Plant
Instead of swatting wasps away from your yard and home all season long, plant Roman chamomile in your garden or in a pot to fortify your space and deter the pests.
Roman chamomile has a sweet fragrance that smells like trouble to wasps. A 2013 study even found that its essential oil significantly repelled yellow jackets and paper wasps.
You can grow Roman chamomile in pots with well-draining soil and keep them by your outdoor seating area. However, ensure to give this plant plenty of sunshine.
To plant them in your garden, first grow them indoors a month before the spring warmth begins, then transfer them outside when the soil's temperature is 45 degrees F or more.
Lightly bury the plants with soil, arranging them 8-12 inches apart, then water just enough for dampness. In the right conditions, these flowers may spring up in about 10 weeks.