Two boxes of zip-top bags on grocery shelf
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Keep Your Zip-Top Bags Organized With Dollar Tree's Storage Solution
The clunky boxes housing your zip-top bag collection can make it frustrating to find the right size when you need it. For easier organization, use Dollar Tree's plastic caddy.
As shown by TikTok's @Maartemami, cluster the bags into these three-compartment caddies, which have nooks for storing the bags in various sizes and sport a central carrying handle.
Each compartment of the caddy can house varying bag sizes. The biggest section is perfect for larger resealable bags, and both 1-quart and 1-gallon bags can share a space.
The remaining two sections are great for storing sandwich and snack bags. Storage caddies also solve the problem of what to do with reclosable bags that you’ve washed for reuse.
If you're storing washable silicone and waterproof fabric bags, you can designate the largest compartment for thicker silicone bags. Each of these caddies costs just over $1.