Man installing new toilet
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Key Factors You Shouldn't Overlook When Buying A New Toilet
All toilets are not the same size. Measure your space to know what will fit, and ensure there’s 15 inches of space on either side of the toilet to avoid feeling cramped.
A two-piece toilet is a common choice, but if space is an issue, consider a one-piece commode, which has a simpler design, or a tankless toilet that sits higher up on the wall.
The height is the distance from the floor to the seat, so deciding how high you want to sit will determine your comfort using the toilet. The standard is 14 ½ to 16 inches.
The two basic shapes are round and elongated seats. The former is more compact and better for smaller bathrooms, while the latter is more comfortable but pricier.
Single flush uses gravity and is more budget friendly. The dual model has two options and depending on the waste — liquid or solid — decides on the degree of flush.
The siphon jet-like flush option uses air pressure to flush waste, which makes the toilet less likely to clog. Power-assisted toilets use a pump to send waste up to the sewer.