Irrigation sprinkler system at work in a back yard during summer
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Key Maintenance Projects For Your Lawn
In August
The last weeks of summer are an ideal time to take preemptive measures against common lawn pests and diseases that August's heat and humidity can bring.
Perhaps the most important key to a healthy lawn in August is adequate watering. Applying up to 1 inch of water per week, including rainfall, is a decent rule of thumb.
Water your lawn early in the day to avoid it getting too hot. Less water evaporation occurs, allowing it to penetrate the soil where it most requires.
Aerate your lawn in August to let in adequate water, air, and nutrients, and break up any compaction, which makes it harder for roots to breathe and absorb nutrients.
Mow in the late evening, and set your blade to the highest setting to allow the grass to grow taller, shading the soil and reducing
water evaporation.
It is not advised to fertilize during high temps as it can burn your lawn. Regular fertilizing during the year should create enough stored nutrients to help it through the summer.
If your lawn has bare or
thin spots, consider overseeding, which is planting grass seeds directly into existing turf, helping maintain a lush, thick lawn.
Overseeding fills in bare spots, prevents erosion, increases resistance to diseases and pests, enhances its color and texture, and helps your lawn withstand drought conditions.