A gold sink inset in white marble kitchen counter with navy, wood grain effect cabinets above
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Kitchen Cabinet Colors Even These HGTV Stars Are Loving
“My Lottery Dream Home” star David Bromstad recommends pink to add color and personality to a neutral backsplash. Pair it with gold, silver, or even rose gold hardware.
Jasmine Roth of “Help! I Wrecked My House" suggests using lighter shades of blue in dark kitchens but darker shades in larger spaces with a lot of natural light.
Calm and relaxing, blue pairs well with white or cream to provide a contemporary look to your kitchen. Choose gold cabinet handles to elevate the elegant nature of this color.
Denim Blue
This is used by “Unsellable Houses” stars Lyndsay Lamb and Leslie Davis for a fresh feel, especially if coordinated with white counters or pops of complementary colors.
Egypt Sherrod of “Married to Real Estate” recommends warm green for a cozy, welcoming vibe that contrasts well with white counters, gold hardware, and even dark wood accents.
Dark Green
“Windy City Home” star Alison Victoria also swears by green, although she favors darker shades paired with brass hardware and marble counters for a rich and elegant look.