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Kitchen Color Combos Home Designers Are Loving
Kitchen designs often change based on the current trend, and in 2024, the cycle has moved to favor more color in the space. Here are the color combos designers are leaning toward.
Marketing executive of York Wallcoverings, DeAnna Hain, predicts that rich and warm browns and midnight blues or black will grow in popularity in the quiet luxury trend.
Designers are pairing neutral kitchens, known for withstanding changing trends, with bolder choices, such as marble countertops with dramatic veining or high-impact color schemes.
You can infuse more color by opting for marble with shades of blue or green in the veining, or use cabinets, backsplash tile, and flooring in complementary hues that are cohesive.
Neutrals can create a moody interior when paired with dark colors such as bold blue or black. Add in a white countertop with black graining and gold hardware to maintain this vibe.
Warm browns can create a sophisticated, natural look, especially when paired with cream countertops and green accents. Terracotta can be a bold alternative to traditional browns.
Interior designer Melanie Millner from The Design Atelier leans toward saturated color in the kitchen instead. “Exciting pops of color add a sense of vibrancy,” she tells Veranda.
Designers love yellow, which can create a cheerful space, especially when combined with other colors like blue, red, or green. However, vibrant shades may fall out of trendiness.