Muddy grassy areas after rain
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Lawn Care Pro Warns Homeowners To Avoid This Big Mistake During Winter
House Digest spoke exclusively with Rob Palmer, lawn care expert and president of Lawn Squad, about the biggest mistakes homeowners make with their yards in the winter.
"As a general rule of thumb," Palmer states, "we discourage homeowners from raking their lawn throughout the winter to avoid any damage to the leaf tissue of their grass."
Raking and bagging will deprive your yard of decomposing leaves, which provide a natural habitat for tons of tiny wildlife and invaluable soil nutrients.
Palmer says, “Once that damage occurs, it will exist until the grass comes out of dormancy and hamper the lawn’s growth as it makes its transition out of inactivity.”
This damage could lead to bare patches and other inhibited growth once the seasons change. Palmer suggests using a blower instead to avoid any damage.
If you find bare spots in the spring, Palmer suggests seeking professional help. Raking may not be the issue, so consulting an expert is vital to your lawn’s health.