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Lawn Rolling: What Is It And Is It Worth Trying?
Lawn rolling is a process that involves using a heavy, cylindrical roller to create a smooth, level surface for your grass.
It offers several benefits when done the right way, such as improved seed-to-soil contact (or reseeding), which can enhance germination rates and ensure better root establishment.
It also helps remove small bumps and imperfections, thus making mowing and other lawn care tasks easier. It improves the appearance of your property and boosts its curb appeal.
Lawn rolling in early spring can repair damage from winter frost, and it can infill small depressions in your lawn, reducing the risk of waterlogged grass or soil erosion.
However, it's best to avoid lawn rolling when the soil is overly wet or prone to compaction, as it can lead to poor root growth, reduced water infiltration, and increased runoff.
The ideal time for this practice is in early spring, when the soil is moist but not saturated, or after installing fresh sod​. Avoid rolling during drought to prevent soil damage.
Given the benefits, lawn rolling could be worth trying if you want a healthier, visually appealing lawn,​ as long as you choose the right time and use the appropriate technique.