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Level Up Your Garage Storage With These 20 Incredible Ideas
Get garden tools like rakes, shovels, and hose pipes off the floor and hang them where you can reach them easily by installing a DIY wall-mounted tool rack.
Rolling Table
A rolling table makes for a perfect workstation you can easily pull out when you need it and slide out of the way when you need to make space in the garage.
Build a DIY wooden workstation with drawers and hooks to make storage and retrieval of your tools easy and convenient. Add a stool to allow you to work comfortably.
Store most of your tools and equipment on a single wall so they're easy to access, and the rest of the garage will be available for your vehicle and other stored items.
Mount this DIY wooden rack on the wall by your garage workstation so you'll have a single place to hang all of your assorted screwdrivers and won’t misplace them again.