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Lies From Love It Or List It You Were Led To Believe Were True
Filmed In One Country
Most people are not aware that the "Love It Or List It" production company has branches in Canada and the USA, giving it the option to film in two different places. Executive producer Maria Armstrong reveals that HGTV US "was interested in sharing the great American lifestyle. So we ventured into the US to expand the scope of the show."
Homeowners Are Paid
It is easy to assume that every couple on the show receives payment, but actually every couple who wishes to appear on the show must "have a minimum reno and design budget of at least $75,000." Homeowners also have to make themselves available for up to seven weekdays of filming and provide their own lodging during the remodel.
David’s Career
Co-host David Visentin has been in the real estate field since he was young, following after his father who is also a real estate agent. Apart from appearing on "Love It or List It," Visentin has also enjoyed appearances on other shows such as "Brother vs. Brother" from 2013-2015, "Makeover Manor," "HGTV Insider," and several others.
Hilary’s Career
Hilary Farr got into designing homes at 18 years old, saying "When I moved to Toronto from California I started a business flipping houses. I was in heaven doing what I realized I was really good at and loved." She also has achieved over 15 acting credits spanning over 40 years, including her own HGTV show, "Tough Love With Hilary Farr."
The Only Show
"Love it Or List It" is currently in its 19th season, showing the longevity of the show while reflecting the love which the audience has for it. The show has since spread over two more shows, "Love It Or List It Vancouver" and "Love It Or List It Vacation Homes," with the same banter and co-ed hosts working towards the same goals.