Empty Mason jars
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Light Up Your Outdoor Space With This Stylish Mason Jar DIY
Lighting is an essential feature of any outdoor area, and with this budget-friendly hack, you can create as many lights as your space needs using old Mason jars and tea lights.
You’ll need some Mason jars, tea light candles from Walmart or battery-operated LED tea lights from Amazon, some wire, needle nose pliers, wire cutters, and sea shells or pebbles.
Fill less than half of the Mason jar with shells, then put a tea light on top of them. Next, wrap some wire twice around the jar lid and bend it to create a long handle.
Hang your Mason jar lanterns from tree branches around your backyard, stand them on side tables on the patio, or hang several jars from overhead nails above the main table.
Protect your Mason jar lights from rain and wind by covering them with their lids or Saran wrap, hanging them securely, and placing them in locations where they’ll be shielded.