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Light Up Your Shoe Storage With This Clever IKEA Kallax Hack
If you're a shoe aficionado, put your precious collection on full display with this easy TikTok hack that illuminates your IKEA Kallax with affordable and easy-to-install lights.
First, buy an IKEA Kallax in a size that suits your shoe storage needs. Going for $140, the large unit is 57 ⅞-by-57 ⅝ inches, and the smaller one is 30 ⅛-by-30 ⅛ inches for $45.
Next, you’ll need a pack of six self-adhesive LED push lights, which you can get from Amazon for around $18. These don't need any cables and you can set them to different colors.
Stick the lights to the top center of each cubby with the supplied tape. Arrange your shoes on the shelves, switch on the lights, and enjoy a display that rivals pricier units.