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Limit Countertop Clutter With This Upgrade Idea From Joanna Gaines
It can be tough keeping your kitchen nicely organized amid a plethora of small appliances. HGTV’s Joanna Gaines suggests housing them inside of cabinets for clutter-free counters.
Storing small appliances that aren’t used everyday in a cabinet featuring an outlet allows you to hide them out of sight while retaining easy access whenever you need to use them.
Gaines recommends hiring an electrician to install an extra outlet if need be. Prices can vary between $75 and $485 depending on the type of outlet you want and its location.
You may also incur extra costs if a hole has to be cut into your cabinet to allow for the new plug. The electrician will also add a box extender to protect the wood from sparks.
If you’re currently renovating your kitchen, consider planning for an appliance garage. The convenient design sits on top of the counter, allowing easy access to hidden appliances.