Burlap-lined hanging basket with plant
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Lining Your Flower Pots With Burlap Has One Major Benefit
Burlap is an inexpensive, porous fabric made from jute, hemp, or flax that lets excess water drain out while keeping soil moist and stopping it from spilling out of drainage holes.
Sufficient water is essential for potted plants, but so is good drainage to prevent root rot. If your container has no holes, line it with burlap to provide drainage.
Burlap can also double as a container for wood or metal pots, which break down over time due to water exposure. Adding burlap is a way to add a rustic look to your container, too.
As the burlap hangs over the pot’s rim, it also makes it easier to lift a plant out of its pot when repotting or transplanting it, or to discard any water at the bottom of the pot.
Avoid using synthetic or treated burlaps, as they don’t decompose and may restrict roots, whereas natural burlap decomposes within four to six months, allowing roots to spread out.
Put the burlap in the pot and mark the cutoff point just below the rim. If you want drainage, add a 1- to 2-inch gravel layer to the bottom of the pot and then measure the burlap.
Remove the burlap and cut off the excess fabric length. Make extra drainage holes if needed, then place the burlap inside your pot, add some potting mix, and plant your seedling.