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Little-Known Benefits That Set Toro Lawn Mowers Apart From The Rest
Buying a new lawn mower is a daunting investment. Luckily, Toro’s well-respected brand name, various designs, durability, and reliability help make the decision an easy one.
As a brand, Toro regularly wins third-party awards for its lawn mowers. The reliable machines last up to 6,000 operating hours and come equipped with two to three-year warranties.
Its line offers electric and gas mowers with cutting decks between 21 and 30 inches in width. This allows you to cut more grass in less steps, saving you time and energy.
The gas-powered motors never need an oil change, so you have less maintenance to worry about, and both power models include self-propelled technology to make the job even easier.
Toro only offers zero-turn electric and gas options rather than traditional riding mowers. While these rack up a higher price than most garden riders, they cut grass much faster.
Reinforced steel plating protects the 60-volt electric battery, while the gas rider offers a 48 to 60-inch commercial quality cutting deck that is perfect for mowing large lawns.