Gold sink with gold tap inset in white marble kitchen counter over navy, wood grain effect cabinets
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Look For These Kitchen Hardware Trends In 2024
Kitchen hardware trends in 2024 are all about making a statement, with designers opting for textured matte or handcrafted finishes, or even choosing to forego fixtures altogether.
A matte finish creates a metallic shimmer without being overly shiny, while the texture of the hardware adds depth for a visually interesting, elegant, and eye-catching look.
Handcrafted pieces from independent artists are gaining popularity as well for their unique designs and uncommon use of materials. They’re prized for their one-of-kind looks.
Losing the hardware altogether creates a sleek, seamless look that is popular in modern design styles. Instead, the cabinets use built-in grooves or push-to-open technology.
If having no hardware doesn’t fit your kitchen needs, try swapping handles for knobs to add personality to your space using a range of unique and versatile colors and textures.