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Majorly Refresh Your Home Interior With These 14 Color Combination Ideas
1. Blue/Green
Mint green is refreshing and soft, while dark blue-black adds depth and contrast. Use green on walls or cabinets and make it pop with deep blue and white furniture.
2. Black/White/Red
Black and white add depth to neutral tones; combining them with terracotta brings warmth. Experiment with mixing them in different ratios to get your ideal combo.
Depending on what color you use as your base, the design can range from calming to bold and dramatic. Remember to use each color a few times in the room to create a cohesive look.
3. Dark Green/Orange
Versatile and calming, dark green contrasts beautifully with bright orange. Try breaking up your green walls with hints of orange using cushions or artwork.
4. Forest Green/Brown
If you want a more toned-down forest-green look, pairing it with brown and neutral brass mimics a natural look, and adding in beige makes the palette pop.
Timeless forest green can modernize your space while also pairing well with traditional styles. If the palette is too dark and moody, focus on brass or beige as your primary layer.
5. Layer Off-Whites
Color palettes in warm tones of cream, khaki, and off-white are making a style comeback to create layered neutral looks that are pleasant and easy to execute.
Play around with undertones and pair them in unexpected ways to introduce subtle contrast. Incorporate texture using a shaggy rug or glass tabletop to elevate your design further.