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Make Decluttering Your Home Easier With These Tips From Hilary Farr
Return Or Donate
To declutter, HGTV’s Hilary Farr has strict advice that will help maximize space in your home: Return or donate anything that’s a duplicate or doesn’t work.
Pack up clothes that don’t fit, have no use, or are beyond repair. For duplicates, select one or two items to keep, and for the rest, you can either donate, return, or sell them.
It can be hard to find the time and motivation to declutter, so Farr recommends triggering the action during a big house shake-up, such as when someone moves in or out.
If you're the one moving out, edit out clutter rather than packing it into boxes. Decide if each item is useful, fits well, and still brings you joy; if not, donate or sell it.
One In, One Out
If you’re constantly tempted to buy new items like décor, gadgets, clothing, or toys, follow Farr's rule: If you bring something in, you need to toss something out.
Before getting to the check-out, think about what you can weed out. This will help you continually declutter and might slow down your spending and accumulation of stuff.
If it’s hard to part with things or you’ve done a purge but still have a surplus, Farr advises moving it to a shed to help you keep closets and cabinets more organized.
The shed is mainly for boxes, so it doesn't have to be very large. If things are out of your house and you don't need them for months, you might decide to donate or sell them.
Hidden Storage
You may need extra items for your home, crafts, or work, so Farr suggests finding clever storage units, like a cabinet with drawers that double as a table.
For example, if your kids leave their toys around, use ottomans to put them in when the kids aren’t playing. Avoid throwing pillows on the floor by storing them in a storage bench.