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Make Organizing Even Easier With The
Five Pile Rule
Using the five-pile rule or the five-box method, you divide your belongings into five groups — keep, give away, sell, trash, and maybe — to evaluate their true value and purpose.
Designate five boxes or separate areas for each category and start sorting through each item in a room or space of your choice. As you select an item, decide
if you truly need it.
Put stuff you want in the "keep" box and good-condition items you no longer need in the "give away" box. Place broken or unusable items in the "trash" box.
Items you don't need with potential value will go in the "sell" box to offer on online platforms or in a garage sale. The "maybe" box is for items you're debating letting go of.
This method will assist you in gaining control of your home, one room or area at a time. It forces you to assess your stuff and set apart what is needed and what isn’t.