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Make The Most Of Your Kitchen Storage With TikTok's Vertical Drawer Idea
If you don't like your cooking utensils standing on the counter, TikToker @thebrainandthebrawn designed a vertical drawer to store longer utensils like spatulas and slotted spoons.
A vertical drawer is taller than standard drawers, so utensils can stand upright like on a countertop. It can also be used for plates, cutting boards, cookie sheets, and pot lids.
You can buy premade vertical cabinets or have them custom-made, but that can be expensive. Modifying standard base cabinets is also tricky, as they don't offer two-drawer options.
The most cost-efficient option is to customize your cabinets by mounting roll-out trays that fit standard cabinets and adding cutouts to keep the utensil holders upright.
You can make your vertical storage even more efficient by adding drawer dividers that separate your utensils by type, so you can access the one you're looking for easily.