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Make Tile Look Like Hardwood Flooring With Ty Pennington’s Handy Trick
If you have tile flooring that looks like wood but stands out as tile because of the grout's color, HGTV’s Ty Pennington has a trick to make your floor look entirely hardwood.
Instead of tearing out the tile and installing wood flooring, Pennington uses grout colorizer. You just need to know which type of grout colorizer you should use.
You can use grout refresh, which is similar to paint, but a bit thicker and gooier. Refresh is perfect for all flooring sizes, from the kitchen to the bathroom to the hallway.
Squeeze it between each tile, and spread it with a paintbrush for an even spread. Wipe it with a towel after five minutes and again after two hours to remove excess product.
The other option is a grout pen, which you can use like a coloring marker. Grout pens are really great for small spaces such as bathrooms and entryways.
Color the grout lines with the grout pen, and use a dry washcloth to rub in the product. Wipe down the product, color in every spot, and fill in any lighter areas.