Fake flowers in a vase
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Make Your Artificial Flowers Look More Real With These Clever Tricks
Flower Vase
A vase creates the perfect illusion and provides a cheerful arrangement for your artificial blooms. Ensure the shape and color of the vase complements your flowers.
Reshape The Flowers
To freshen up faux flowers, gently fluff and open the crumpled petals. If that doesn't work, use a garment steamer, but test one petal first to avoid damage.
To straighten the leaves, rub them between your hands or use a clothes iron on low heat with a cloth barrier. For stems, gently bend them to mimic natural curves.
Trim The Stems
Measure the desired length with a pencil and use wire or stem cutters to snip the stem along the notch. Repeat for all flowers until they fit perfectly in a vase.
Flower Arrangement
Attach the floral foam to the bottom of the container. Place the largest bloom in the center, and add two or more of the same flowers to create a triangle.
Continue layering with the same species or mix in complementary, slightly smaller, or different shapes. Use leaves and faux-seeded greenery to complete the arrangement.
Add Water To The Vase
Fill the vase with 2-3 inches of water and place the faux stems inside. However, not all synthetic stems can handle water and it might dissolve the adhesive.
Painted, paper, and plastic stems may dissolve, while metal ones can rust. Polyester and silk may bend or discolor. To prevent this, substitute it with acrylic water.