Orange, green, and blue paint cans on correspondingly colored squares
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Make Your Bathroom Look Expensive On A Budget With These Paint Colors
Pastel Pink
This timeless color pairs well with neutral and green shades to create a serene, luxurious atmosphere. Opt for muted tones over bold ones to avoid cheapening the space.
Setting Plaster or Dead Salmon by Farrow & Ball are both subtle pink shades that work well in a variety of lighting levels. Use them in a low-lit bathroom to create a moody vibe.
Calming Blue
Blue is known to elicit feelings of calm and tranquility, making it perfect for a bathroom. Evoke the feeling of water and sea breeze using Farrow & Ball’s Parma Gray.
Alternatively, use Tranquil Aqua from Sherwin-Williams to amp up the drama in
your space. Finish off the look with wooden accents, such as a bamboo shelf, to bring warmth.
Olive Green
This calming shade brings the outdoors inside to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere. It pairs especially well with more traditional decor and walnut wood accessories.
Warm White
Using a warm, off-white shade like Mayonnaise by Benjamin Moore brightens a room and makes it feel welcoming. Pair it with high-end finishes for a truly luxurious vibe.
Beige & Gold
Beige paint is transformed into the height of luxury when paired with gold or brass details. Layer different neutral colors across your decor to create a dynamic space.