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Make Your Living Room Curtains Glow With This Inexpensive IKEA Hack
One way to draw attention to living room curtains is to illuminate them with a light source. Hanging string lights from the ceiling may work, but puck lights are a classier option.
TikToker @everythingeryn suggests using the LED spotlight from IKEA. The hack is to use double-sided tape to stick one puck light onto the ceiling above each fabric panel.
Firmly press the puck light onto the surface long enough to adhere. When you want the curtain to glow, flip on the switches, and your ceiling-mounted puck lights should do the job.
This trick will give your home an expensive look at a low price, as the lights are only about $15 each. Plus, the tape will make the installation and removal easy and damage-free.
Other ways to improve this hack are to hang your curtains near the ceiling to make them look more lavish and choose panels that reach the floor so that you can hide the cords.
You could also use puck lights that are controlled by a remote. Cordless puck lights that run on batteries might serve as another great alternative.