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Make Your Own Simple Bubbler And Watch Birds Flock To Your Yard
To create a bubbling bird bath for the birds in your backyard, the only materials you need are a wide and shallow pan, several large rocks, and a small submersible water pump.
This way, you can create a bird bath that mimics what birds really enjoy — a shallow puddle or gentle stream. Many commercial bird baths are large, deep, and hard to perch on.
Select a shallow pan that can easily be elevated off the ground by using something simple, like a plant stand. Attach a small submersible pump to the bottom of the pan.
Your pump will either have suction cups attached so it can be stationed underneath the pan, or there’ll be a power cord so it can run continuously when once it’s plugged in.
Solar-powered pumps are also great to use, however, keep in mind that these won’t run as consistently on overcast days with limited sunshine.
Set the pump to a low level so that the water gently bubbles, and fill the pan with several large flat rocks. This will give the birds plenty of room to stand and rest comfortably.
Keep the bird bath fresh by changing the water every one or two days, and clean it by scrubbing it with nine parts water and one part vinegar.