A pot of pothos or devil's ivy plant
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Make Your Pothos Plants Look Fuller With These Tips
As time passes, even a relatively healthy pothos may start to look rather leggy, but you can bring back its fuller, leafy appearance by adding another plant to the container.
Simply cut a section from the original plant at a 45-degree angle with at least three leaves close to the top of the stem before propagating them in the same container.
You can put the cutting in water until the roots sprout or plant directly in the same pot. You can also plant another, fuller pothos or a different variegation to add more colors.
Alternatively, you can take the long stems and gently wind them around into coils inside the pot, taking special care to keep the nodes close to the soil to where they touch it.
Secure the stems with a thin wire, which places the leaves closer and makes the plant look fuller. Over time, the nodes will take root if they stay in close contact with the soil.
If you have just one or two leggy stems, you take each one, wrap it clear around the pot's interior, and use a small wire or pin to keep it securely in place.