Nate Berkus at book signing
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Make Your Small Room Look Bigger With This Trick From Nate Berkus
Celebrity designer, Nate Berkus is a master at reimagining small spaces. His latest trick is using a giant antique mirror statement wall to create a grand focal point.
"Mirrors work with the light of a room, creating optical illusions and can make the room feel larger than it is," Berkus wrote. Tiling an entire wall yields bigger, bolder results.
For a DIY version, you can use IKEA BLODLÖNN mirrors. To create a metallic weathered look, mix black, brown, and silver paint with 5 tbsp of water in a spray bottle.
Spray the mirror, dab, and drag a damp bristle brush across it to blur the paint into a faux patina. Use a wax brush to add textured bronze paint dabs for a rusting effect.