Paint roller painting a wall yellow
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Make Your Tight Space Look Bigger With These Painting Tips
If you have a small apartment or a cramped room, you can make your home feel a little bit bigger by using these painting tips to create the illusion of more space.
Painting a dark accent color on the wall directly opposite the entry door of a room helps draw your attention to that one spot, creating the illusion of depth.
Your eyes will be immediately drawn to the wall with the dark accent color, making it come forward and appear wider. For contrast, keep the other walls white to help it really pop.
Rather than choosing a bright white ceiling color — as is typical — go in a different direction and choose a hue a few shades lighter than your wall color.
If you keep all of the colors on your walls and ceiling in the same family, that line of where the walls end and the ceiling begins will disappear, making the space look larger.
Paint your crown molding the same color as your walls. The molding will blend in with your walls rather than your ceiling, giving you an extra few inches of wall height.
Glossy paint will attract and reflect more light, making your room seem airier. Painting the ceiling with glossy paint will attract the eye upward, making it feel more expansive.