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Martha Stewart Explains How To Plant Vegetables With Bubble Wrap
Martha Stewart revealed that when planting vegetables, Bubble Wrap can fill the bottom of a pot, container, planter, or a raised bed, filling in space the plant's roots don’t need.
Bubble Wrap is cheap compared to costly potting mixes and composts, but you still must fill the planter with enough potting mix to surround the seedlings and allow room for growth.
Before you put Bubble Wrap in a pot, make sure what you're planting won’t need to grow deep roots. There must be enough space in the pot for good dirt where roots can stretch out.
Most vegetables don't grow deeper than 12 to 24 inches, so a pot or raised bed soil shouldn’t exceed that depth. Some herbs have shallow roots,
like chives, which
need 6 inches.
Once you know what you want to plant in the container, add holes for drainage, cover them with a rock or a piece of landscape fabric so that excess water escapes and soil stays in.
You can then add your wadded-up Bubble Wrap, and when you reach the point where the deepest roots would be, start loading up with a quality potting soil or mix.