Martha Stewart at the Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Woman of Leadership Award in Washington, DC.
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Martha Stewart Explains
Why Her Windows Are Curtain-Less
Curtains are a simple solution to managing privacy, controlling natural light, and adding color to any room in your home, but television personality Martha Stewart is not a fan.
“I will never put curtains on my windows,” Stewart unabashedly disclosed during a Zoom interview with Apartment Therapy.
She was, however, quick to clarify that her personal choice in window treatments boils down to simplicity and sight lines. “I like to look outside,” Stewart explained to Veranda.
Instead of curtains, she said, “I have shades on all my windows to protect the furniture, the fabrics on my bed, and my rugs from fading.”
You can channel your inner Martha Stewart by swapping curtains for cellular shades, also called honeycomb shades because of their honeycomb-shaped air chambers.
They feature crisp accordion pleats that offer a sleeker profile than bulky curtains and can easily be adjusted throughout the day so you can still enjoy the sunlight.