Martha Stewart in her kitchen
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Martha Stewart Never Uses These Home Decor Pieces & Here's Why
Old Or New
Martha Stewart says, "If your grandma gives you a beautiful set, use it." Adding heirloom or antique pieces […] shows both a love of decorating and good craftsmanship.
Stewart doesn’t stash family heirlooms in the attic. Adding a few items like passed-down teacups or even old photos can be a great way to appreciate the past.
Don’t be afraid to break the rules. Stewart always experiments with her gardens, noting, "I never tire of trying new plants and experimenting with new varieties."
Choose plants that will thrive in your zone but try adding tropical plants in pots. Containers can make your garden look bigger and you can bring them inside when it’s cold.
Stewart doesn't have a junk drawer; she finds innovative ways to store knick-knacks. She says, “Upright steel slats provide perfect spots for heavy baking sheets.”
If you need help making your storage work, take a tip from Stewart and organize linens in an island drawer. She says, "They should be neatly folded and stacked for easy access."
It's important to have what you need handy for work. "My desktop is never empty,” Stewart says. “I prefer to keep supplies at my fingertips, along with my Apple laptop."
Stewart does allow a little clutter, so have what you need to be your most productive. A cute desk organizer will help keep things tidy.
Fake Plants
Not only do real houseplants enhance a space, they also increase creativity, reduce stress, and eliminate air pollutants. Stewart always keeps potted plants in her home.
Opt for real plants for your indoor space. Start with a few hardy floras and check the care guides so you can enjoy the foliage without the high maintenance of exotic plants.