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Martha Stewart Says Beginner Gardeners Should Grow This Vegetable
Martha Stewart, the queen
of gardening, has a tip for newbie gardeners. Rather than challenging yourself with difficult plants, she suggests to grow lettuce first.
Stewart says lettuce is a great vegetable to start with because it doesn’t require a lot of upkeep or experimenting. It will help you learn the basics of keeping your plants alive.
“You can plant all kinds
of lettuce, and there are hundreds of varieties,” Stewart explained. She recommends home-grown lettuce as a beginner plant because of its versatility.
The gardening expert added, “Lettuce is so rewarding because you can pick it as a leaf or let it go to head and get delicious, healthy greens for your salad bowl.”
Lettuce is very easy and fast to grow. Simply put the seeds in the ground, and keep them sufficiently watered so it rewards you with months of bounty.
Stewart says to start with a small plot instead of creating a massive lettuce garden. Grow a small row first to learn the basics of watering, weeding, and harvesting.