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Martha Stewart’s 10 Best Decor Hacks You Should Try At Home
Chic Storage Containers
French-toile fabric is a simple, inexpensive way to jazz up boxes and containers. Mix and match patterns and colors for an eye-catching arrangement on your desk or work table.
Faux Bois Entryway
In her 2014 "Home How-To Series" on YouTube, Stewart created an elegant foyer using a tool called a rocker to do a painting technique called "faux bois," or "fake wood."
The result is seemingly wooden walls when, in fact, it’s just paint. For her project, she opted for a bottom-half faux bois effect, only painting the lower portions of the walls.
A Nautical Vibe
In 2014 on her TV show "Martha," Stewart showed how to add a low-cost nautical look to any room by gluing a mirror on a foam board and then adding a decorative sisal rope border.
A Holiday Wall Tree
Stewart shared how to make a holiday wall tree on Instagram in 2022. Attach fresh or faux pine branches to a wall, arranging them from smaller at the top to larger at the bottom.
Leave a small bit of wall showing between each branch to make it look more whimsical. Once secured, decorate with fairy lights, holiday ornaments, or simply nothing at all.
Dip-Dyed Candles
On YouTube in 2017, Stewart shared how to use crayons to dye plain white candles to accent a space with different colors and patterns to match or contrast with surrounding décor.
Melt beeswax beads with crayon shavings, dip the candles, hold over the wax for about five to 10 seconds to allow the color to set, then arrange them on a baking sheet to dry completely.