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Martha Stewart's Surprising Kitchen Trash Can Is The Ultimate Upcycle
It can be tricky to find a trash can for your kitchen that doesn’t take away from the overall aesthetic, as garbage bins can be awkward or unsightly. Luckily, Martha Stewart has a clever tip for storing kitchen waste that allows you to upcycle and still have a nice, aesthetic kitchen.
Pickle crocks were a popular addition to people's homes throughout the 20th century, as they were used to ferment vegetables and even certain meats or seafood. While pickle crocks aren't used as often anymore, Martha Stewart uses hers as an aesthetically pleasing trash can because of its durable casing and thick materials.
Pickle crocks are good for containing smells and look wonderful paired with farmhouse chic interiors and aesthetics, meaning they are a better investment if you don’t hide your trash cans. However, larger models aren't that common, so you might have to opt for a smaller version which limits the amount of waste it can hold.